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I hire like Wonka gives out tours of his chocolate factory: rarely and with extreme prejudice. I have high expectations, but my team works hard, are apreciated, have flexibility in their schedules and can be their for their families as needed...and isn't that what it's all about?

Seeking for immediate hire a jack or Jane of all office trades. Proven Experience as a Process Development Maven and Process Execution Czar is an absolute must. This position is for people who are driven to check things off of dynamically changing lists that will never be completed and also get satisfaction from completing lists that repeat on a schedule.

Experience in an office environment is not necessary, but life experience as an extremely well organized, better-than-punctual task manager, project motivator and executive wrangler is extremely important.

This position will be working side-by-side in a remote capacity with a very high-functioning multi-tasker. He is a Quick Start Perfectionist with high expectations of himself and the products and services that his firm offers to its clients. He is an expert in his field, but does not claim any such title and takes personal responsibility for any mistakes created by his team. He is extremely generous with compensation and only asks his team to perform to the best of their abilities and operate with integrity in all capacities.

Applicants with that are self-taught will be moved to the top of the list. Independent research and process development and execution is a part of everyday work-life and applicants needing constant hand-holding or reassurance need not apply.

The duties and responsibilities will be a mix of Business Manager (40%), Executive and Project Assistant (30%), Personal Assistant (30%). The aforementioned breakdowns may fluctuate throughout the year (as business activities tend to be cyclical and will surely adjust as a backlog of items get completed from all of the categories mentioned, above.

The firm does not hire often for several reasons that will be discussed during the interview. We operate lean with proactive, highly-intelligent and motivated individuals who are leaders. The firm is entering a growth phase and this role will be integral to ensuring that this growth happens seamlessly as client-facing employees are needing to be onboarded.

Full explanation of benefits will be provided at the end of the first interview, assuming that the interview leads to that discussion.

The executive is very direct, but compassionate and understands that a work-life balance is important to all members of the team.

Please use the "Contact Us" form to apply. Tell me how this role speaks to you and paste in any relevant work experience (if there's any of's acceptable if there's not).

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