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Several weeks ago I brought a question to a colleague who I know has tinkered with ChatGPT: "Do you have any concern that 'forward-thinkers' in the finance industry might use ChatGPT in order to pick securities or funds?"

He assured me: "ChatGPT cannot predict the future. It only has access to specific historical information and can only analyze the data that you feed it."

So we asked it a few questions. I wasn't satisified that I was asking the right questions, but due to the amount of brainspace I had at the time, I backed off my security concern and decided to wait and watch.

Enter this Tweet:

The steps taken by the author as they relate to ChatGPT are clearly outlined.

The actual results may be click-bait, but the entire exercise (verifiably real or not), give me concern. There is a possiblity that short-thinking, early adopters with a "quick buck" mindset may disrupt the financial system.

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