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Better to be Locked Out than Be Broken Into

Physical Security Meets the Digital Age and the Implications

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I received the non-redacted version of this marketing e-mail in my inbox today.

First thoughts: YIKES! WhaaaAAATTT?!?

In My Opinion.

Last Holiday Season a retail delivery service offered to leave deliveries inside of peoples' homes using SmartHome Devices. I recommended: No Thank You.

With this digital key copying service, I recommend: Absolutely not.

Consider the Human Factor.

It does not matter how "military-grade" an encryption method is, there is always the "Human Factor." Humans continue to write code, build security protocols, provide software and driver patches, etc., etc., etc. So long as there is the "Human Factor," errors will be made, holes will exist and breaches will happen.

The claim is never, "Our AI accidentally forgot to secure this access channel when it was done patching the hole." It's more frequently, "Someone neglected to...forgot to...overlooked..." and the list goes one.

The Last Great Divide.

The lines between our human lives and our digital lives are more blurred than ever

  • Technology is everywhere.
  • Technology provides convenience.
The advancement of technology creates and Ouroboros. New technology must secure itself, but only after creating the need for security born out the creation of the new technology.
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The deal(breaker).

It may not be the best idea to bridge this great divide between our human selves and our digital selves. I'd rather know that the only copies of my house are in my pocket and in my wife's purse, not globally available to anyone who (eventually) has the means, expertise and motivation to obtain them.

Final thought.

Seriously consider your digital footprint. What goes out, cannot come back in. Already we agree to thousands of pages of End User License Agreements, just by purchasing a new mobile phone. Imagine all of the agreements you're making by installing apps, using a Credit or Debit Card, driving a car with built-in GPS, performing a Web search...

Be judicious about that which is posted, uploaded and installed voluntarily. There is no CTRL+Z for the choices that we make. Once it's turned into 1s and 0s, it lives infinitely.

Also...what's going to happen to this guy?

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