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A PC Shortage and How We Help

Low hardware availability and what it all means



In October, 2018 it was reported that that Intel would suffer a processor shortage that could affect desktop, micro footprint, small footprint, tower and server computer manufacturing through Q2, 2019. Earlier today an unconfirmed report claims that the shortage will actually worsen in Q2, 2019.


Microsoft has announced "End-of-Life" for Windows 7 in January, 2020. All of the Windows 7 machines that remain in the wild need to be upgraded to Windows 10 (if possible and advisable) or replaced by year-end, 2019.

End-of-Life means that Windows 7 will no longer receive operating system or security updates. Halting operating system development leaves a device, at minimum, vulnerable to cyber threats or downtime due to software incompatibilities, among other potential issues.


The circumstances dictate the following potential actions (all dependent on quickly depleting availability):

  • Send us support request to see if your device is a candidate for a hardware or operating system upgrade (even after an upgrade, we can't guarantee remaining available mileage, but we are confident in our track record for hardware and/ or operating system upgrades);
  • Consider moving to a laptop and docking station;
  • Order a replacement that ships with last generation's processor;
  • Order a lower-powered processor than is recommended for normal device workload;
  • Find a candidate device from a third-party reseller (not recommended due to chain of custody questions);
  • Wait. It may not be cost-effective to make the change right now.


  1. Several hardware changes can breath new life into a desktop computer. If you are interested in an existing equipment upgrade, submit a support request to see if your machine qualifies;
  2. A tablet, phone or ChromeOS device (depending on availability) may be the only tools needed to operate the long as systems are place to support this change. Maybe it's time to stop putting off completing (or starting) that cloud migration. Sometimes only a few changes may be all that is needed to move fully into the CloudGen;
  3. Building custom solutions is in the NS.BC DNA. We have creative options for all technology and managed service challenges. Reach out to us with your challenge. Let us solve it.